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Brand: Nesti Dante
Product Code: Philosophia-6-Bundle

Frenshi aims to deliver within the agreed time frame upon purchase. However, we are unable to guarantee that all orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame.

Delivery will be made to the address specified by the Customer on the completed order form.

At Frenshi, all of our shipments will be sent out from Monday – Friday by using our appointed courier service providers. Orders will be processed on the next day and customers will be receiving the order within stipulated working days except for public holiday.


FOR BUNDLE PURCHASE, include 6 pcs of (Each are 250g):
1pcs - Philosophia Breeze
1pcs - Philosophia Collagen
1pcs - Philosophia Cream
1pcs - Philosophia Detox
1pcs - Philosophia Lift
1pcs - Philosophia Scrub

Philosophia Breeze main ingredient benefits
-Citrus Peel benefits: As A Natural Conditioner & As A Natural Skin Moisturizer
-Red Basil benefits: As A Skin Calming Agent & Have A Good Cosmetic Effects
-Lime benefits: As A Calcium Absorption Capacity Facilitator & Improves Skin Complexion

Philosophia Collagen main ingredient benefits
-Blue Azalea benefits: As Natural Skin Cleansing Agent 
-Ambrosia Nectar benefits: Have evidence cosmetic results & Keep our Hair Black
-Starfruit benefits: Contains A Particularly Large Number of Fruit Acid & As A Natural Moisturizer

Philosophia Cream main ingredient benefits
-Rosewood benefits: As A Skin Aging Delay Agent & Help in Allergenic Reaction
-Birch Milk benefits: Diminish Inflammation
-Black Iris benefits: Inhibit Melanin & As A Natural Humectant

Philosophia Detox main ingredient benefits
-Winter Daphne benefits: As Valuable Chines Herbs & Improves Body Resistance
-White Lotus benefits: As A Relief Agent & As A Catalyst For Skin Metabolism
-Echninacea benefits: Healing Ability Resistance Accelerator & Protective Layer for Sensitive Part of Eyes.

Philosophia Lift main ingredient benefits
-Cherry Blossom benefits: Rich in Flavonoid & High in "Sakura" Enzyme
-Osmanthus benefits: Promote Our Skin Blood Circulation & As A Moisturizer and Nourish Skin
-Geranium benefits: Convergence of antibacterial & Especially suitable for oily, pimples skin

Philosophia Scrub main ingredient benefits
-Mediterranean Plum benefits: Skin Oil Regulator & Skin Stabilizer
-Persimmon benefits: High in Tannic Acid & High in Vitamin C
-Amber benefits: Promote Wound Healing & Kill Bacteria and Disinfection

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