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Extra Fine Natural Soap 200g

Key in exact quantity in order to get the correct discounted price. Refresh your page whenever key in new order quantity. Check your payment amount before checkout.
Example: If you buy 4pcs in quantity, kindly key in your order 4pcs. It is allowed to mix and match.

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4 Pieces RM120 10PCV200
9 Pieces RM240 30PCV200
15 Pieces RM360 50PCV200
21Pieces RM480 60PCV200

使用正确的数量以获得正确的优惠价。每当键入新的订购数量时,刷新页面。 结帐前检查您的付款金额。
例子:如果您准备购买4粒肥皂,请输入"4" 在您的订单。允许混批选择不同的产品。

促销数量 优惠价格 使用折扣码获取
4 粒 RM120 10PCV200
9 粒 RM240 30PCV200
15 粒 RM360 50PCV200
21 粒 RM480 60PCV200



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