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Baby Soap

The skin of newborns and infants, soft and smooth, requires special care and constant attention. For their skin care, special made products are required which need to be mild so that children can happily experience their first approach to water. The NESTY BABY hypoallergenic products undergo dermatological tests which confirm their exceptional skin tolerability. The basic paste is obtained through a slow and complex process, in special boilers, which lasts 4 days and requires the constant presence and meticulous manual intervention by soap and perfume experts, a process that does not alter in the slightest the essences, rich oils and functional substances of first quality which do not contain any synthetic surfactants. Baby Carolina e Edoardo is a 250g Extra delicate neutral Soap with a practical and pleasant shape, wrapped in luxurious paper. Its first quality ingredients have been chosen among those used by man for centuries and therefore claim a tradition of doubtless safety and effectiveness. We are talking of active ingredients such as the noble protein of almond, the soothing acacia honey, together with calendula officinalis and its soothing properties.

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