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Emozioni In Toscana

Cities of art, monasteries, hamlets, rural estates, hay lofts, forests, green hills, landscapes changing in colour with the changing season: pictures you can see from the train window travelling across Tuscany. Nature, art and taste for good cooking are all tied together, a nature perceived as a friend to be respected, to please and to be shaped by enhancing its beauty; art inspired by nature which man has transformed into landscape. The sensibility and wisdom of Nesti Dante, firm of Florence, towards nature, art and life, express themselves as a tribute to their land with an evocative line of natural soaps called Emozioni in Toscana.

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[250g] Buy 12 @ -RM120, [250g] Buy 03 @ -RM15, [250g] Buy 06 @ -RM60
[250g] Buy 12 @ -RM120, [250g] Buy 03 @ -RM15, [250g] Buy 06 @ -RM60